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Cycling paradise

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Cycling paradise

The regions of the Sněžka massif are a true paradise for cycling enthusiasts, and are often described as an undiscovered treasure. This place offers an extremely diverse and dense network of forest roads that experienced cyclists can’t resist. What’s more, these routes are perfectly marked, making it easy to navigate and enjoy safe excursions.

Rides in valleys such as the Biała Lądecka, Młynówka, Morawka, Kamienica, Kleśnica, Sienna, Biała Woda and Janówki, and Krupa provide unforgettable views and unique cycling experiences. This is an ideal place for both beginners and advanced cyclists who are looking for a variety of terrain.

For lovers of nature and outdoor activities, the Snow Mountain Massif is a place that not only provides excitement and cycling challenges, but also allows you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the mountain landscape. Regardless of skill level or preference, these areas offer an unforgettable experience for any cyclist.

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