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Cable car

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Cable car

The Luxtorpeda is a modern, exceptionally efficient cable car that has become an indispensable means of transportation in the region, making it possible to travel to the very top of Czarna Góra in just a few minutes. This innovative form of transportation plays a key role in facilitating access to the area’s beauty and providing an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Riding the Luxtorpeda cable car is a real pleasure for lovers of mountain activities. Both skiers and snowboarders can easily and conveniently get to the ski slopes, saving valuable time and energy, allowing even more time for winter fun. It’s also a great option for tourists who want to enjoy the picturesque scenery of the mountains without the grueling climb on their own feet.

The Luxtorpeda cable car is recognized for both its reliability and efficiency. The staff is professional and attentive to the safety of passengers, making the trip even more pleasant and comfortable.

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