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Network of bicycle routes

Paradise for cyclists

The regions of the Sněžka massif are often called an undiscovered paradise for cyclists. The forest road network is dense and varied, and offers well-marked routes. The Black Mountain area offers a wide selection of paved routes, in addition to “singletracks”-forest paths with artificial surfaces designed for one-way riding-are also available in the area.

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The region

Caves, trails and landscapes

The surroundings of Czarna Gora abound in attractions, from the Bear Cave, gold and uranium mines, ski slopes, to charming hiking trails and beautiful landscapes. This is a place whose beauty can be discovered all year round, regardless of the weather: on skis, by bicycle or on foot, exploring the magnificent mountain trails.

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Modern cable car

Luxtorpeda is a modern, super-fast cable car that will get you to the top of Czarna Góra in minutes. It’s a popular form of transportation in tourist destinations, enabling fast and scenic travel over mountain slopes, hills and other hard-to-reach areas.

widok na góry, kolej linowa
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